Monday, 2 August 2010

Well I am still waiting


For my green contrapulation, it’s not just me but Momma is desperate for it to arrive too as she wants to take me somewhere special but I guess we are both going to have to be patient. JD & Max are doing an auction for Sweet Shelby and I asked Momma if we can make up a lot for them to sell so we are going to go shopping again this week to but sooper goodies for it. I know how lucky I am to have been re homed with my pawrents so I like to try and do something even if it is only something small like making up an auction lot or donating a few pounds to help those who have not been as lucky as me.

Momma can hardly move today as she overdid fings big stylee yesterday but she says it was worth it. I know why she is saying that though it’s cos she has her revoo at the hopsital on Friday and if it is not good news she won’t be feeling like major outings for a little while. She says if that happens she doesn’t mind too much cos she has me ! We is trying nots to worry too much bekos it is not somefing we can control so worrying will not make one bits of difference. Either way me and Momma will still be all luvved up and snuggle-some. So for today we is taking it easy and resting up.

Hope you are all havin a sooper dooper Monday

Snuggles, Licks & Luvs




My Contrapulation just arrived ( it’s 4 pm ) and I haves sat in it and it’s rather comfy

Photo0859 hmmmm not bad Momma.

Photo0862 Yep I coulds get used to this.

Photo0864 Ohh I feel like a Queen.

Bring on the adventures Momma ! ! ! !


Zona said...

Oh nos, I didn't no your momma might have some "no major outings" feelings. We have had some of that here lately and it's hard but we pups have an amazing power to help our two-leggers feel a smidge better. I know you'll take good care of your mom. We'll be praying for good news AND for your contraption to arrive soon!


3 doxies said...

Dat bes so awsome of JD and Max. I saw it on their bloggie as well. Can't wait to see what in all bes on da auction block...hehehe!
So what is dis bout your mom going to da hospital fur revoo....did I miss sumptin heres???????????????
Did you pass out when you saw Pip;s new hairstyle? He bes looking good.


Molly said...

Puddles I did swoon does he not look the most lush dog in the Yooniverse withs his swish, sexy new hair cut all I can say is YUMMY !
As for my Momma well she has been fighting the nasties for a longs time, last year she had the evil Kan-cer in 3 places and she kicked thems all out but this year one of them came back so she been working on kicking that one out too and she nearly done now. She will finds out on Friday if she needs any more of the nasty jollop that helps her beats the Kan-cer up. My Momma tries not to lets it get to her and most of the time she manages but right now I know she is getting the nerves abouts Friday. But she also knows no matter what she has always gots me and Poppa to lean on and to give her snuggles and luvs and makes her feel happys again.
PeeS. Momma said it was okays for me to tells you Puddles seeing as you asked

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow Molly we are glad that green contraption arrived - it looks like it will be super fun for adventures!

And we hope that your mom's review is good, but we agree not to worry because she can't control it. We know you will do a great job of keeping her mind off it for a few days with snuggles!!

little princess Luna~ said...

hi molly~!! ooooooh that stroller is pawsome--i have a pink one. and we are actually going to use it today (we are going to the mall)~!! :D
we will take pictures.


Mr. Pip said...

Hi Molly, The stroller looks like so much fun. Glad it arrived so soon! Remember, you have my surprise on the way, too!

I will be thinking about your mom this week and hoping for a good review! I am sure you bring her so much comfort and joy.

Love, Pip

Tessa the Maltese said...

Your stroller is just Pawsome Molly!

We will keep our paws crossed that your Mums tests turn out Pawfecy!

woo woos, Tessa

Sallie said...

Molly, Tell your mom to kick that caner's butt!


Mango said...

You look like a princess in your carriage. I hope that mom's revoo went OK. My momma hates those blasted things too. But nothing a little snuggle time won't cure, right?


Lola said...

Well, you and your pawrents had quite a day yesterday, so it's not surprising that you'd need to rest up today. Sounds like the smart thing to do. Your pram looks wonderful. I bet you're going to have some great times using that.

lotsa licks, Lola

Chewy said...

Your look awesome in the stroller.