About My Dad

My Dad is 44 and a big soppy bear of a man. He adores me to bits and I think he loves me even more than he loves my Mom but she is fine with that and says it is how it should be.......bol. He has his funny ways like all of us and he does like his little plastic men and he can happily sit and build and paint them for ages. He goes off on Saturdays to supervise kidlets and tweens at a club where these little men fight each other and he really seems to enjoy it. Personally I think there are much better things to enjoy doing like chewing a good pigs ear or CUDDLES with me but there is no accounting for hoo-mans and what they like. My Dad's cuddles are almost as good as Mom's and I think my Dad is just pawesome and I love him lots. I know he has a job but I am not too sure what he does but I know it is with adults with learning difficulties and I think that takes a special kind of person and that is what my Dad is............. A very SPECIAL person because he is MY Dad and I love him.