This is last nights update on Toby posted by his Mom on The Little Dog Rescue Forum

YAY The boy Toby is home! today at the hospital I was shown how to do physio all day thinks I'm some sort of expert now. He also had another go in the hydra pool (which he loves, and Grace is a wee bit jealous of though) and the physio lady said he was a dtermined little boy! well I beamed so I did cos I is a proud mummy . Physio lady said she's seen lots of patients who's mums and dad were told to expect worse case scenario but with lots of love and care the doglet was walking again in months!!!

So here we are at home now and he was so excited when we came in... he did his 'army crawl' to the cage he's never seen before and gave it a good ol' sniff. I put down a towel in the living room with incontinence sheets underneath and he has done 3 little wee's. I went into the kitchen to prepare my dinner (lamb chops) and he shuffled in to scrounge some!.
Grace did a little dance as soon as they came in. She ran around him poking her bum in his face! even though she's been at the hospital with me and Tobes all day, it was as though she was saying 'your home! your home!'
It's a long road ahead..... bit daunted by the wee'ing pooping situation as I've been told to normalize it, ie, get him out in the garden to do it...except it's blooming raining and I can't tell whether he has or hasn't cos he's so low to the ground he gets wet regardless! hmmmm....
he is now snuggled on the sofa with 'lil Grace! it is lovely here!
will update regularly on our progress. We have hydra physio everyday at the hospital!!!
thank you all so much for all your love and positivity and healing thoughts. We are very grateful.

Then This morning we had this post

Errrrrrm, Toby is having a snooze (valium induced) and he's been fidgeting whilst sleeping and his right leg kicked out!!!
is this good news? or am I just getting my hopes up? I know it's really , really early days but surely if he kicked out in his sleep then somethings working??

Closely followed by

Well ive just been on the phone to the nursing station and and the nurse said that was absolutely positive news!!

..........AND just now he managed to move his tail a little. Not much though but a slight little half a wag!
im crying as I write this, im so happy xxxxxx

Isn't this the MOST fabulous news ? I is so happy for hims and his Mom.
 Thank you all so much I knows he is not there yets but with everyone rooting for hims and his sooper Mom working so hard I just knows he will make it.

Latest on Toby

It's only been 4 days since I brought the little man home and I feel like I'm about to collapse. I didn't realise how hard it would be to take care of a dog that's not able. My poor Tobes doesn't know what the hell is going on. And his eyes are terribly sad. The first 24hours I think he was just so pleased to be home but as the days have gone on he has that humiliated look all over his face.
He simply doesn't know when he's wee'ing. I think the nursing staff/surgeon confused the fact that he was doing it by himself and 'knowing' he was doing it when in actual fact since I've brough him home I can assure you he doesn't. I think the only reason he shuffled away once he'd wee'd at the hospital is only because the more he sat there in it, the more it seeped into the rest of his fur up towards his chest and only then did he feel uncomfortable and shuffle off. I've obviously noticed all this since his coming home.

He is wee'ing sooooo many times in the day and night and it's basically overflow as he doesn't know when his bladder is full. The whole house is covered in incontinence sheets and Poor toby is constantly wet as I'm forever washing him down. And each time he wee's or poops he looks at me with those big sad eyes and complete humiliation.

Yesterday on Z's advice I took him to the hospital and he now has a urine infection and has been prescribed more AB'S. We're there again tomorrow for physio. He hasn't moved his tail again or kicked out his leg since the last time, again I realise it's early days. I think what's getting to me is that he is just so sad all the time and of course lack of sleep isn't doing me any favours.

It's a long, long road ahead but I'm hoping somewhere down this road our Toby will get better.

thank you all so much once again for your continued well wishes