THE LITTLE DOG RESCUE This is the the rescue that found me my forever Momma & Poppa, they pay for my dog-ter bills and my medicines each month. They are pawesome.

KISSIBOO TOGS FOR DOGS This is where I get all my pawesome clothes from and my furiends Brandy & Baxters Mom owns it. She ships worldwide and her clothes are so cool.

PETNAT NATURAL HEALTHCARE Totally pawesome skincare products for dogs, I swear by the Dermacton shampoo, spray and cream for the itchies and dry skin.

POOCH & MUTT Natural dog supplements including the fabulous Bionic Biotic a Probiotic supplement that has helped my furs to grow back and has helped my delicate tummy to be not so delicate. I heartily reccomend this product.

RED DOOR ANIMAL SHELTER A super rescue in Chicago I have this rescue here as they are the ones that saved Mr Pip and found him his sooper Mama & family. Without them I would not have Pip in my life and for that I am very grateful to them.