About Me

My name is Molly and I am 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier I ended up with The Little Dog Rescue from the home I had lived all my life. I was diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago and I have to have shots twice a day of insulin to control this, it also led to me losing my sight. Since arriving with TLDR I have also been diagnosed with Cushings disease this is incurable but is treated with Vetoryl to help ease the symptoms. This meant I was not able to be rehomed. Don't be sad now because I now live with a new Mom & Dad and I have a little/big brother whose name is Doogie. He is ok but he does insist on sticking his nose in places he shouldn't. My brother has now gone to live with his Daddy Ben and I do miss him but not his nose up my behind all the time.
 Apparently I don't officially belong to Mom and Dad as I am what is known as a Little Dog Rescue Sponsor dog which means I get to live with Mom, Dad & Doogie forever but TLDR pay all my medical bills which are almost £100 a month.
I am very happy here and get lots of love and affection, Mom has got me lots of warm snuggly clothing as the Cushings disease has made an awful lot of my fur fall out and I do get chilly. I have three beds of my own to choose from to sleep in but most of the time you can find me on a sofa sleeping with my tongue poking out.
Anyway that's about it from me, I hope you enjoy reading about me and my family.