Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Mahoosive Adventure


Today I has had mahoosive adventure out with my Momma AND Poppa. Moms woke up feeling a bit blue so me and Poppa said right woman we is going out for some funs and don’ts you even finks about saying no okays ? How could Momma argues with us then well she couldn’t and she didn’t. So we all gots dressed me in my spotty red dress and offs we wents.

We went to wait for the rumbly bus and got that into our local town and then we got on another one and was on it for like ever, it was the longest rumbly bus ride I has ever had. I sat with my Mom as they scares me sometimes.


But sometimes I sats with Poppa so Moms could fidget abouts


You can tell my Poppa luvs me can’t you ?

We was on the rumbly bus for ages and ages and ages and we finally got off of the rumbly in a place called CanterBerry now some hoo-man man wrotes a book about it called CanterBerry Tales buts I has not read it as there are no bones or noms in it for me. It also has a big Caffedral but they don’t let dog’s go in there.

So Moms, Pops and me sets off and we went to a shop called build-a-bear and Poppa gots me a friend her name is Mini Molly


and she is almost as big as me. He also gots me pink sunglasses


and some very cute hair bands



and a beary special hair brush

SDC10817 SDC10818

to make me ever prettier hasn’t  I got the bestest Poppa ever ! He also got someone called Norman and I should really show you him too


He is kinda cute too specially for a bear I finks Poppa is going to like having him around as he is outnumbered by the girlies in this house……….bol.

Momma and Pops tooks it in turns to look in shops while the other one stayed outsides with me although I did gets to go into a few of them which was cool. While we was walking to go get Momma coffee we heard bigs noises and it was a band with lots of old soldjers, it was very noisy but I finks Momma and Poppa liked it.



Momma says I don’t looks to impressed cos I is sticking my tongue out………bol.


We walked down to the Caffedral  then and Pops took my picture outside of it nots that you can see it but I looks cutesy.



It is a very nice door though according to Momma.

Then we went to a sit down place and Poppa got me some noms which were sooooo good that they didn’t last long.


Good Noms it was called a cross-ant and tasted way good. I mets some other dogs too and a very nice little girl who gave me lots of cuddles


These are just two of the dogs I mets they were very well behaved and belonged to the little girl.

After my nom break we had some more shop exploring some of them had lots of very odd smells indeed. momma and Poppa had lots of wanderings about until they hit a shoe shop, Poppa had major hankerings for new converse buts he could not make up his mind by now Momma needed some noms so we went to a fancy French nommy shop. I like the fact that I can go to the nom shops as long as we sits outside.


I really liked the sound of the steak but was told no, I foughts that was a bit off to be honest buts I didn’t argue. Momma had her fav French onion soup but I sniffed it and it smelled icky to me and Pop just had some chips ( he did sneak me some though which was sweet of him ) and Momma drank lemon presse and Pops had strawberry bear which did smell nommy to me. I got my own seat while we were there.


I really like having my own seat I feel all impawtant.

There was much mooching about afterwards before Poppa decided to go get his new shoes as he did need them, Momma tried some of the same style shoes but fought they made her feeties look to big so she got some of her birki-stocks instead. Much better me finks for her tootsies.

We then started to go back to get on the rumbly home but Moms saw a lady with 3 puggses and she made big fusses of them as she likes a pug and they was very furiendly. We gots to the bus station and the rumbly was very packed so we decided to waits for the next one so we wents to another noms shop just for coffee and I was soooooo pooped by then I just laid on my chair

Photo0847 It was all too much for me by then. We finally got on the rumbly back to our town and I sat for a while


  But I was so tired that I went to sleep on my Momma


When we got to our town we had to get on yet another rumbly so I am not scared of them anymore

bell Dunno what Momma was finking but I was waiting for my chance to ring the bell to stop the rumbly. So all in all I had a fun day and gots fusses from lots of hoo-mans and I hardly walked at all so Momma is really looking forward to my green contrapulations arrival as her back and arms will not ache so much.

So that is my mahoosive adventure and now I is off to go have sleepies.

Licks, Snuggles & Luvs




kalon said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your day out Molly pops. I was happy that both my best girls came out with me. Lovin' you millions.

Zona said...

What a most exciting day! I loved this post! And I loved how matchy-matchy you were in your cute red dress with the chair at the noms place. I hope this fun day helped cheer your momma up!


Lola said...

What a lovely, special day with both your pawrents! And you looked sooo cute in your red and white dress, too. This was such a nice, happy post to read. Plus they got you loads of nice pressies to take home. Great stuff.

lotsa licks, Lola

the booker man said...

miss molly,
you sure went on a fun and exciting adventure with your mama and daddy today! i like the stuffies that ya'll made, and you got some grrreat pressies, too! you are totally PRO at riding on the big rumbly now. :)
the booker man

Tessa the Maltese said...

You look lovely in your red dress! It seems like you and you hoomans had a lovely day doing so very much. You are one very loved pup Miss Molly!

woo woos, Tessa

Mr. Pip said...

Sweet Molly, what a day you have had! I am tired just reading about your adventures! I get nervous on buses, too. Though they make little dogs ride in carriers on our buses.

I love your new hair band with the rose. So pretty, but not as pretty as you!

Sweet dreams! Talk to you tomorrow!

Love, Pip