Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hollibobs Is Fun Part 3

Moms woke up before everyone else in the morning at 6 am but that was my doing…………bol She was silly enough to have hers sleepy bag unzipped  so I coulds share it ( havin said that tho Moms is not the littlest of peeps as you know so maybe she just could nots do it up! BOL )and I snaffled most of it and she woke up shivering. Do you finks she minded tho ? No she didn’ts she is a good Mom I has her well trained I fink. so off she toddled for a pee then she took me for one well I had 2 to be precise. We snuck back into the wobbly house all quiet and peeked in at Poppa and he looked like a Catermapillar see .


My Poppa the Catermapillar   ( I sniggers when I see these )


He is the sweetest Catermapillar I has ever seen tho.

I tooks my bed in wivs him then for a while and we all went backs to sleepyland. By the time Moms woke up later I was back in wivs her and Pops had been fishing again ( he wents fishing a lot I must say). He did catch a giganormous fish tho which mades hims a very happy Poppa and I likes that.


After some brekkie

SDC10897  I took Moms for a nice bimble. I bimbled this way and that

IMG_1847 IMG_1849

I bimbled here and I bimbled there in fact I bimbled everywhere.

IMG_1851 I bimbled rite into these…….bol Obviously that was Moms fort as she was not watching me properly……Typical !

I stood and just sniffed at this for ages but not too sure why I did


This had a very interesting smell

IMG_1857 But Moms took me away from it which was mean as it did smell most good.

I then found a sooper smell that just needed to havs my face rubbed in it, now don’ts blink or you will miss it….bol.

Then Moms took me to show me what hads made it and it was clouds on legs very odd they was.


Then it was back to the not brown and not smelly house for some drinks……………. Talking of drinks look at all these bottles the hoo-mans had mades the nite before.


Don’t you finks they was clever making so manys of them ?

After our drinks&  a change into warmer cloves for me and some very, very yummy noms for me from Aunty Tina



we deesided to go watch Poppa fish. We walked up a field

IMG_1878  and I found me some yummy pudding to eat it was raisins


Moms said I was gross but I foughts they was nommy.So I just gave her the look


We finally found Poppa, Uncle Badger and Aunty Wilma all sitting havin a fish.


So I bimbled round to go and havs a go at this fishing fing for myselfs and guess wots I did ok at it.

IMG_1889 I did frow him backs tho as I didn’t want him left out. There was a nice looking house on the pond for the birdys it was cool cos it floated

IMG_1890 Ooops thats anuvver of my fishies in fronts of it. As we finished fishing it started to rains very hard and Momma had to give me her coats to keeps me dry as Pops carried me back to not brown and not smelly. Moms snuggled me up to keep me warm ad toasty as the wind was getting up a lot and Pops wents off to take our house down. He stowed all our gear in a tractormabob & trailer ready for us to gets back to the car that was bringing us home.

This is the tractormabob.


After a while Moms climbed in the trailer behind the tractormabob and passed me to Poppa to keeps me safe when it started moving

IMG_1893 IMG_1894

It was wooffully exciting I has to say and I rekomends every one tries it but do makes sure your Poppa keeps you safe and sound like mine dids.

My 1st hollibob ended wivs cuddles from my Sooper Special Aunty Wilma.


As you can tells I luvs her evers so much.

So here ends Mollys ( that’s me ) 1st ever Hollibobs and I am so looking forward to the next one.

Licks, Snuggles & Luvs




Mr. Pip said...

Dear Molly, I hope you are feeling better and home soon. I am sick with worry about you! But I know you are a fighter with a heart of gold and will kick this infection cold!

I loved reading about your adventures and that picture of you and Auntie Wilma is just lovely!

Sending lots of love and kisses,


Maggie Mae said...


Mom and me hopes dat you is feeling betters. It does look like you had a fun adventure and all of da pictures are grreat. Tanks fur sharing dis wunderful time wif us.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Frankie Furter said...

Oh Molly I hope you are feeling better today.
Maybe if your just lay back and think of all the grrrrreat times you had on your big adventure you will feel better.
I think that you must have had a wonderful time.. except for when your mum wouldn't let you sniff and eat the grrreat thingys you found. BAH on that. She should be ashamed.
Your Dad is a grrrreat fishering guy, by the way!!!
And super at keeping you safe.

Mack said...

I think that must be the most exciting Hollibub ever!
Don't you just hate how humans don't appreciate the good smells in life?

Tessa the Maltese said...

Molly we really enjoy reading about your camping trip!

We sure hope that you are back to feeling better and HOME by now.

Please have your Mum let us all know cause we sure are worried about you!

woo woos, Tessa

Corbin said...

hehe seems like an awesomely fun adventure! You should have gone in the waters to get those fishies!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Molly Pops!!! We do hope yous feel betters and yous great trip adventures bring us smiles!!!

Much Love,
IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Molly! We hope you are feeling better today - we are still sending you lots of purrs!

And we think that your trip looks like it was so much fun! And you looked so cute in all your pictures - it just had to be the best first hollibobs anyone could have!