Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fiesty Three’s & Romance Puppy’s Luau in Honorooroo


Fiesty Three and Romance Puppy are hosting a pawty/Luau in Honorooroo and I am joining in big time . Of course I flew 1st class lets be honest I so need the extra leg room don’t you agree?

Momma was very nawty though she tried to hide in my case but she could only fit her great big foot in it………..bol.

Maybe we should hold our own Pawty sometime it would be great fun to do, I know Momma is planning a party for my Gotcha day next year and I am very excited about that.

Now I can stop as there is a certain gentleman I can’t wait to meet…………….. Here I come Pip    .

To keep you in the loop here is a shot of me relaxing before I pawty hearty, I am not so sure I will put any post pawty as I may look a little worse for wear….bol 





Licks,Luvs & Snuggles



Lola said...

Oh, do let us know how it goes with Pip. Something tells me that you two are going to click. You just seem right for each other somehow.

wags, Lola

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Molly,

Hope you have a smooth flight! We are all having a fabulous time and lots of fun in the sun!

Can't wait to see you!