Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Twinkling Tuesday

Oh my stars it has been a nice start to today. Mom and I have our coffee in the garden on the swinging seat, well I say we Mom had coffee I had cuddles. We sat and listened to the birds and we chatted, again I say we but Mom waffled on as she does bless her. She was telling me how lovely I am and what a good girl I am and how achy and hurty she is feeling. When she tells me she is all hurty I give her licks which seems to help her no end. Sometimes she tells me she doesn’t know what she would do without me in her life with everything that is going on now for her.  Mom is laying on the sofa behind me now as I a doing this and she is smoothing my fluffy bits down for me, can’t say I mind that at all as it saves me doing it. I’m glad I have my Mom and Dad as I do get spoilt and pampered although I could have done without the ear cleaning this morning Mom but I put up with it and behaved nicely ( good job I did as it earned me a venison sausage nommy nommy ).

I am going to end this entry by saying


Snuggles and Licks


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