Monday, 31 May 2010

Mooching about Monday

It has been a busy weekend for this pooch. Yesterday Dad let my Mom have a lay in as she is not feeling to well at the moment as he was up first he gave me my tablet and my breakfast and did my morning shot which was very odd but kinda cool as I got to spend huggly time having my Dad all to myself.

Later Dad got my new dress on and then Mom had a cry a bout something sad she read on her four-om. Dad picked me up and carried me outside, I wasn’t sure what was going on but something certainly was. It turned out we were going to Uncle Fred’s for lunch. This was extremely cool in my opinion as Uncle Badger was there too with Aunty Teen-a, I hadn’t met them before but Uncle Badger has blogged about me and said nice things so I knew I would like him before I met him. Aunty Teen-a was way nice she saved me some cow from her dinner which was nommy in my tummy. I got huggles from Aunty Wilma too just like always, I do like Aunty Wilma she is one of my favourite people in the world. Anyway I had a lovely time at Uncle Fred’s and even Obi-Kat-Kenobi is not fussed by me being there anymore I think he has worked out I am not going to chase him and so I am ok. I just wish he would keep his lodgers to himself I came away very itchy.

Me and my dad did the same as yesterday morning today which was pawesome but when Mom got up she was in a bad way she could hardly move and was hurting a lot. I think this is down to her jollop as they are giving her extra strong at the moment and it affects her a lot. I wish I could do something to help but I do give her big loves, licks and snuggles and she says that they make her feel lots better which is good. She had a bit of a cry this morning but then she said if my Molly can cope then so can I ( although she has been a bit of a grumble bum today…….bol ).

Mom cut my toenails today and she said she has never had a doggy who was as good as I was for toenail cutting. Later Mom and Dad gave me a really big wash today and the water was very deep but that was so they could seek out and destroy the lodgers I now had from Obi-Kat and they think they got them all YIPPEE ! Then Mom got her warm blower out and dried me off and I rather enjoy that. I smell all lovely now and Dad says I am all super soft and super snuggly now. I am a lot more comfy now and not so itchy which is wonderful so all in all it has been a busy and tiring weekend. So now I am off to bed, Night night my friends

          Snuggles and Licks



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