Sunday, 20 June 2010

Serious but Serene Sunday

As many of you know I do not ‘officially’ belong to my Mom my ‘official’ owners are The Little Dog Rescue a charity started by a few dedicated and ( in my opinion ) slightly mad women ( who would do so much work if they were not slightly mad ) who adore dogs ( and all other aminals too ). These ladies worked/work tirelessly to rescue dogs that a lot of places would deem beyond rescuing like me. Dogs with lots of health issues like me that would not get the chance ordinarily because of the cost involved ( my medication alone costs over £150 per month ), dogs that would most people would not want to re-home because of the costs involved. The Little Dog Rescue gives all a second chance to be loved in a home with new Moms and Dads who will care for us for whatever time we have left. Not just us unwell doglets but puppy farm doglets who have never known what it is like to have lived in a warm comfy home and who often come in to the rescue in very poor health and need to nursed back to health and have to learn how to be dogs. All of this costs lots of money and TLDR raise funds in all sorts of ways but one of their fabby ways in my humble opinion is through EBAY they raised funds for me this way, when people donate they will receive by email updated information and pictures of the dog they donate their £1 towards. Don’t you think that is a brilliant way of fundraising ?  At the moment Truffles is their dog on EBAY and he is a darling little lad who is poorly and very underweight but he is in a very loving foster home with a super Mom who is nursing him and loving him lots but Truffles is extremely underweight at 0.9kg and the vets were very concerned. He has had blood tests and an ultrasound.The tests have shown that there may be a problem with his liver and he will have to go back in a weeks time to have further liver function tests. In the meantime he is having lots of tiny meals, which he is really enjoying and trying and put some weight on. If anyone has a spare pound ………………….

Ok that is my soap boxing all done, sorry to have waffled on but I know how hard the ladies all work and most of the time only people who are members and get doglets from them know how hard they work and how they deserve lots and lots of recognition and pawesome praise for all they do for us doglets and what better way of showing my own appreciation and my Mom & Dads as well than a bit of shameless fundraising………………….bol.

Snuggles & Licks


PS. My boo-boo is on the mend Woofhoo .

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Maggie Mae said...


All those ladies at The Little Dog Rescue are extra special and so are you! I am happy that your booboo is getting betters too.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae