Thursday, 3 June 2010

Peaceful day & Exciting Evening

Well it has been a right mixture today it started off nice and snuggly with Mom although I am a bit sore form scratching at the lodgers Obi-Kat-Kenobi but Mom did give me a good going over with the anti lodger comb yesterday and then gave me some anti lodger stuff on my neck last night. She has also been rubbing in my sweet smelling dermacton wonder cream on my sore bits so I will be right as rain in a day or so.

Mom went out today so I got lots of nice peaceful sleep and when she came home she had a peep-let with her and he was noisy but ok. Mom did get a little upset at one point but they cuddled and it was alright again. Dad came home while the peep-let was still here but he left Mom and him to it and went into the food room and was busy doing something although I am not sure what it was exactly.

After the peep-let had left Aunty Wilma & Uncle Fred came round as it was Aunty Wilma’s 21st burfday and she was mega excited as we had got her gifty’s. Mom & Dad got her some stonkin shoes ( so I am told ) Mom loves them but can’t wear her high heels like these at the moment but Aunty Wilma loves heels as much as Mom does if not more.

Photo0607 Photo0610

DTWP got her a flashing charm for her portable talkin box and it says Princess and I got her a badge that flashes and is sparkly like Aunty Wilma and it says Princess too. She seemed happy with her gifty’s and her bottle of pink bubbly stuff we gave her. Mom, Dad, Uncle Fred & Aunty Wilma have laughed a lot tonight which has been nice to hear as Mom does not laugh too much at the moment because of feeling ruff. She is off for more jollop tomorrow so I will be looking after her when she gets back, so she will be getting lots of snuggles and licks and snuggling on the sofa.

Mommy is very tired tonight now and is going to bed soon as going out with the peep-let has really done for her according to Dad but she will feel a bit better in the morning for a little while anyway. I am off for a snuggle now before she goes to bed .

Night Night Everyone.

Snuggles and Licks


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Dory and the Mama said...

Those peeplets can be ever so tiring Molly..You are a good girl for being so patient!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob