Sunday, 13 June 2010

Let us sleeping dogs do just that

Well the new arrival has arrived and she is ok, a bit un settled but that is to be expected I guess. She is bigger than me but Mom say she is pretty and looks like a mini dingo 800px-Dingo_face444   only much prettier ( not sure what a dingo is but Mom says it is some sort of wild dog ). She has come with lots of stuff including a very comfy bed . She is happily pootling in and out of the garden and snoozing on the doormat by the door. She has snaffled one of my pigs ears and buried it in the garden somewhere but I am sure it will turn up.  She has had a good nose upstairs and has already been on my Mom’s bed but I don’t mind that too much I prefer sleeping downstairs so I am happy for Lucy to sleep up there. Mom has to give Lucy the same in-soo-lin as I have which makes things easier so she says anyway. So far I quite like having her around as she is not too bouncy or anything like that although she does bark if she hears any other doglets but I do that too sometimes. Mom says she isn’t quite a little dog but she isn’t a middling dog either so that makes her a tweeny dog in my opinion. Well I am off for a dog nap now in Lucy’s comfy bed as she is conked out on the mat by the door. I have to say it was sad for her carers to hand her over but they were doing the best thing for Lucy but it can’t have been easy at all and there were some tears from them and a couple from Mom after they had gone as she felt for them. I do like the fact my Mom is a soppy nana.

Snuggles & Licks


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Dory and the Mama said...

Welcome Lucy!!

What a good sister you are being Molly!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory. Bilbo and Jacob