Saturday, 12 June 2010

Go England !

Mom and me have had a nice day today in and out of the garden and snuggling on the sofa her watching and me listening to The Good Life on the telly box, I like listening to Mom laughing it is such a nice sound to hear. She had some phone calls from lovely ladies at TLDR and we have a new houseguest coming tomorrow, her name is Lucy and she is 10 years old and like me she has to have in-soo-lin jections twice a day so we will have that in common. I think she is a bit sad at the moment but Mom hasn’t told me why I think she wants Lucy to tell me herself. She doesn’t sound bouncy so I am sure we will get on fine and I plan to make her welcome and share my beds and my Mom ‘n’ Dad with her so hopefully she will feel happier soon.

We have the football on now and England are one goal up ( woohoooooo) at the moment, Mom seems to think we will win but like someone once said ‘it is a game of two halves’ whatever that means but it sounded good from me don’t you think ?

All I can say is  Go England.


When Dad came home he had another twirly whirly toy in his bag and I am so happy about it as I love my toy so much. Mom’s dad came today and he thought it was great the way I played like a puppy with it and it made him laugh. He was very kind and bought me a couple of packs of nature diet food and I thought that was so sweet of him and he made a big fuss of me which I enjoyed a lot. Mom told him we have a new arrival coming and that she is an oldie like me so she will not be too much for her and he seemed fine with that which was good although I suspect it won’t be alright with someone else. To be honest I don’t think my Mom gives a fig what anyone thinks anymore ( good on you Mom ).

Well I am off now as I want to go sit with Mom while she cheers on our team. Hope you all have a wonderful world cup weekend.

Snuggles & Licks



Blast and Botheration the USA have scored ( Well played I must say, see I am a good sport about these things )


Lola said...

Well, I think we tied, but am not really sure. World Cup fever has come quite late to a lot of the USA and we have to catch up. Anyway, it's not whether you win or lose...yeah, right. I've watched Daddy watching baseball enough to know that's not entirely true.

Glad you and your Mum have had a nice day and I hope Lucy isn't too sad. I'm sure you'll cheer her up in any case.

wags, Lola

Dory and the Mama said...

Oooooo sorry about the football win Molly...Mama says she is more of a fan of American Football and wishes you could have won.

Aren't Daddy's the best!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob