Friday, 6 August 2010



I went out again yesterday in the Marvellous Peppermint Molly Mobile and I is getting used to it slowly. Momma says she is getting some very strange looks but she does not give a hoot. She is just so happy she can take me with her when she goes out now ( except if she goes to the hopsital ). She took me into a fancy smelling place today called the body shop and  I liked it lots in there as I gots loads of fussings and one lady even wanted to know where Momma got the MPMM.

My special outfit for the wedding of the year isn’t quite ready yet so I am going to have to keep silent even longer and I is so desperate to blabs all abouts it.

Momma has had her old fashioned flashy beast out lately and she tooks the film in today to gets dee-velopped and it should be ready on Saturday so I is looking forward to finding out if she has any wonderful pics of me  ( Momma finks all my pics is wonderful though weird woman my Momma……..bol ).

We still nots sure what we is going to do about Percy yet but as we have a storm brewing here we is not finking abouts releasing him this evening as we don’t want him blowed about. So when the rain starts we will be tying down the cover on his crate so he stays nice and warm n snugs. He has nommed well and has even eated some lettuce weird bird but he seemed to likes it and Momma said it was ok for him to nom on. He is quite pretty for a boy bird according to Moms.

After some very sad days in the doggy bloggy world the lovely  Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly that are the fiesty free have deezined a super new badge for our bloggys so please add it to your bloggy and keep the Paws of Prayer circle going. A  big round of applawse for them too please for finkings of it.

PawsofPrayer  Isn’t it just pawesome.  I finks us  doggy bloggyers are so lucky as we have such a fabulous support network if something happens to us like when I was in the hopsital. Everydoggy and their Mama’s and Poppa’s helped my Momma and Pops so much and I was so fankful for that and I know they were too. The power of the paw is just amazing.

On that note I would still like everyone to be finkings of Phantom


as he recovers from his surgery, You gets well soon my furiend we is all rootin fur you.

Wowsers I is all typed out now and needs a rest so will catch you all tomorrow

Luvs,Snuggles & Licks



Anonymous said...

Molly, thats why good Moms is special, they do the right thing for us! Even if mean peoples give them funny looks!

It has been a sad week in the bloggy world fur sure! We will all have our paws crossed!

We're happy that Percy is still safe! We've been checking up on Phantom too!

Woo woos, Tessa

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Molly Pops,

I can't wait to see your wedding outfit! I need to get my outfit ready this weekend. Mama is SO HAPPY tomorrow is Friday! Another long week ...

We will be thinking of your mama tomorrow when she goes for her tests - I think tomorrow is the day, right? We hope everything goes well - we are sure it will!

All the best, Pip and his Mama

Life with 5 dogs said...

Glad to here that Percy is Safe! We have all paws crossed here in nh for all our blog friends.
Your Friends at

Lola said...

I'm so glad the Mollymobile is working out. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it. As for Percy. OMD. You've got yourself a pigeon, for now, anyway. What a pickle.

lotsa licks, Lola

Molly said...

Yes Pip tomorrow is my Mommas revoo, but she is keeping her chin up and tryin nots to worry. She says if she goes in expecting the worst she will only hear good news which kinda makes sense in a weird way. She says no matter what happens she will be fine 'cos' she has me and Pops and she needs to make she is around to takes care of us.
I will have my paws crossed for her though ( and my legs as I don't want any accidents while she is out ...bol. ) but my Moms is a tough chickie so she will be dandy fine