Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What a Cheeky Momma


Fancy hijacking my blog while I was sleeping but bless her she was all excited and cry-ie at the same time silly numpty.

It has been a very long day as we left the house very early to get on the noisy, bumpy bus with Pop. We had to swap buses in town to get on another one to the vets office it seemed a very long journey. I saw a different vet today and she was very good and not even a mention of the dreaded temprature stick ( although I did follow some good advice I was given to tuck my tail in and sit down just in case….bol. ). She put some stuff in my eye to check it properly and Momma said my eye went bright grass green and looked kinda funky. The result is I have an infek-sion in my eyeball and have anti-bye-otikal cream for it. I also have allergies to have some more pills to take everyday but that’s ok as I get my pills in sausage nommy nommy I say.


After the vets we went to spend some time with twirly whirly Aunty Sue at her shop where Pop takes his little men to fight battles. It was nice to spend time with her as she is lovely and found me my super duper twirly whirly toys and she has some funky new balls coming in which wobble and vibrate which sound perfect for me. Lots of people came into her shop and I got lots of fuss and attention which is always pawesome and I luvs it. We only had to get one bumpy bus home which was good and I went to sleep fur ages when we got back. I thinks the heat here at the moment takes it out of a pup and we don’t have AC here either which it really rather pants.

Can I ask you all to please go to my new furiend Macks bloggy please as he is raising funds for Sweet Shelbys  medical bills. 


Please find it in your ♥ to help Shelby with her dog-tor bills.

Shelby is finally finding out what luv is about and what being cared for is like and what gentleness is. Please send her positive paw power as well as lots of luvs.

I have to go now as Momma is going to do my eye now ‘ohh hurrah’…. bol

Luvs, Licks & Snuggles



Mr. Pip said...

Hi Molly -

Sorry about your eye and the bumpy bus ride! You are so sweet to help raise money for Shelby. Mama sent a donation last week, but maybe I will ask her to send another one!

Love, Pip

Maggie Mae said...


Mom and me are so happy that you had a more pleasant experience at the vet today. :)

BIG thank yous for hooking up to Mack's bloggie and spreading the word about his most wonderful fund raising for Sweet Shelby! You is a good furiend...I luvs you lots!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Lola said...


I am so glad that things went so well at the Vet. Blog Mom read your Mommy's post earlier and was so happy, but couldn't comment because she was at work at the time and was just taking a sneak peek. I'm just so glad you're doing so well.

lotsa licks, Lola

little princess Luna~ said...

hi molly~! i hope your eye ouchie gets better soon~!
shelby is in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery~!!


Frankie Furter said...

Grrrreat news about the temperature stealing thingy.
You get to ride in a BUS??? I've never been in a bus... is it scary?
Thanks for sending everybuddy to Mack's blog. That is very much kind and considerate of you. Shelby needs all the green papers she can get.

mayziegal said...

Wow...it sounds like you had a fun-and-adventure filled day! I'm SO very much relieved you didn't have to gets your temperature taken you-know-where! That's just NO fun at ALL!

Oh, and I wanted to thank you, thank you for sending a postcard to help stop that B.S. Hell guy all the way over from where you live! It just fills my heart up with happiness that you would luv and be worried abouts doggies all the way in Collie-rado. I'm sending you lotsa wet nose kisses!

Wiggles & Wags,

Chewy said...

Wow no temp at the vet! Excellent! A bus ride....is that better than being in a car?

Paws and Licks