Sunday, 18 July 2010

Slow Sunday



As Momma spent most of Friday night with her head down the hole of the tinkle seat upstairs she didn’t get too much sleep so we had a very quite day yesterday. Poppa was working at the twirly whirly shop and Uncle Ru went out to visit his friend. So Momma and me had a snuggly duvet day on the couch dozing and watching stupid shows on the moving picture box thing-a-ma-jig. Uncle Ru came home first and I got a fan-tab-u-lous greeting so he is very kewl in my doggy opinion. Pops came home not long after and I was so happy to have him home. Uncle Ru treated everyone to that round bready thing with nommy cheese on that a nice man delivers in a big box. I like it when we have that as I get to nom down on the crunchy edges I do like peet-za. So Uncle Ru is even kewler for treating us to that, he can definitely come visit again. Mom had a little garlicky bread but didn’t want to risk peet-za after such a bogus pants night, I think that’s most sensible of her.

Poppa is out again tomorrow with his little army men to go make them beat up on some other hoo-mans little men I hope he wins this time.

Anyway that’s about all from our corner of the globe. Hope you are all having a super weekend.



Licks, Snuggles & Luvs




Lola said...

It sounds really very nice, except for the part where Mommy was sick. Our weekend is quiet so far due to icky sticky hot weather and the fact that Blog Mom's injury isn't healed yet and she can't go anywhere. That's OK. After last weekend I think we were due for a quiet.

wags, Lola

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Molly - I LOVE pizza, too! We had some last night and I always get a few sneaky bites from mama.

It is still very hot here. I stayed inside most of the day. Hope it is not too hot there for you!

Love, Pip