Friday, 16 July 2010

Fabulous Friends Friday


I was going to do flower Friday like Dory does but I only have two flowers in my back yard and they are weeds so I decided against it. So I decided I would do a Friends Friday post and tell you about some of my friends here.

The first friend I am going to tell you about it my Aunty Wilma. My Aunty Wilma laughs a lot and she can be a wee bit excitable but I love that about her. She is always really happy and gives me the most super snuggles although as she is a petite hoo-man she does have the odd bony elbow but I don’t mind that. She is very good at cheering my Mom up if she is a bit blue or down in the dumps. I do luvs my Aunty Wilma a lot.


The second friend I am going to tell you about is called Chrissie, she is the super lady who makes my clothes. She has two Yorkies one called Brandi and one called Baxter who also came from TLDR. Chrissie is the person responsible for my Momma becoming a foster Mom for The Little Dog Rescue and for that reason alone I love her. If it wasn’t for her I would not have my Mom & Pops but that isn’t the only reason I adore her. When Mom first got me there was a special T shirt waiting for me that warned people I was blind and Chrissie made it specially for me in my perfect size ( I was a funny size and shape when Mom first got me ) and I will never forget that. I went to see her today and she thought I looked very well indeed and she gave me a super new leash and a sparkly girly collar she is very kind like that. She is just a very special lady and very inpawtant to me and my Momma.

There that is my Fabulous Friends Friday post for you.

Snuggles, Licks & Luvs



Lola said...

Those sound like some of the best friends anyone could have, Molly. I'm glad you posted about them. Did you get your haircut from Mom yet? Just wondering how it went if you did.

Oh, I can see your text pawfectly today. I don't know whether it's just all on my end or you changed something, but it's easy to read now.

lotsa licks, Lola

Lola said...

Oh, I just read back where you said you changed the text color. Silly me. Should have checked first. Thank you. It still looks lovely with your theme and there's plenty of contrast.

wags, Lola

Maggie Mae said...

Miss Molly Poo,

Your furiends sound so wonderful! No wonder you luvs them so. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS How did your mom make out with that contest?

Mr. Pip said...

Happy Friday Tippy Toes! It is so important to have good friends. I'm glad you have such wonderful people to take care of you - since I am so far away!

Love, Pip

Frankie Furter said...

Good furends are the bestest.

mayziegal said...

Awww...there is nothing more impawtant than good, sweet furends! What would we ever do without them? Thank you ever so much for telling us abouts them, Miss Molly!

Wiggles & Wags,