Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wowsers !

I slept in my Mom’s room last night and Lucy ended up in the spare room with Dad. We had been advised to try a crate but Lucy didn’t like that so we also tried leaving her downstairs and me up but she was not keen on that idea either poor girly. So I ended up with a big snuggly double duvet on the floor all to myself and Lucy snaffle Mom’s spare dressing gown to sleep on and a quiet night was had by all. I must say I really like sleeping up with Mom it’s way cool, when Mom got up at 4.30am for a tinkle she got me a drink which was great as I was a bit thirsty by then and we both toddled back to sleep some more.

Lucy has tried to eat me again this morning but Mom told her no again, I really wish she would stop as I really like her. It isn’t her fault poor thing as she is used to being the only pampered pooch, and after losing her owner and being here there and everywhere she has to be so confused and wondering what on earth is going on. I know I was confusticated when I was taken in by TLDR and I could not imagine what I had done wrong for my old Mum not to want me any more. But My Mom now has explained it wasn’t anything I did wrong far from it, it was just old Mum could not cope with giving me injections & tablets & watching over me when she had a tiddly peep to watch over as well. This made me feel so much better ( I did worry it had been cos I do have a tinkle in the night indoors sometimes but Mom doesn’t worry about that so I deffo don’t think it was that now ) and I feel so special now and I know that my Mom and my Dad love me very much and I always come first with them which makes me feel pawesome.

Now my friend Mr Pip did his sponsored walk on Sunday for The  Red Door Animal Shelter and I am very proud of him as he a dog of a certain age like myself and it has got me thinking that when my Mom is back to full health I would like to do something like that for TLDR as a thank you for finding me my new Mom & Dad and for paying for all my med-i-k-shuns every month and when Mom sorts out her attic she says we can have a boot sale for them too which I think sounds a good idea don’t you ? It’s good to give back something to those that have helped make your life richer and better.

I thought I would share a pic of Lucy with you before I go so you can all see how cute she is

Photo0668 isn’t she just gaw-juss ?

Anyway as a certain rabbit would say….

That’s all folks !

Snuggles & Licks


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Mr. Pip said...

The boot sale sounds like a great idea! Hope your mom feels better soon.

Your pal, Pip