Friday, 25 June 2010

This is Mollys Mom

Molly won’t be blogging today as she is feeling a little sad tonight, her vet trip was not very nice for her as you can read in my blog. She is ok health wise so no panic there although she does have some eye drops as they think she has an allergy but she is just a little glum tonight which is very understandable after the day she has had. But she asked me to let you know she will be back tomorrow for the hop and will post a couple of pics with her new hair bow.


Mollys Momma


Maggie Mae said...

Hi Molly's Mom,

Please tell Molly I luvs her and misses hers today but can understand why she decided to take the day off (mom and me just read your bloggie). :(

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS My mom says she would look for a new V-E-T too!!!

Lola said...

Yes, what Maggie Mae said. I'm so sorry that Molly had to go through that. I can't believe they'd let a blind doggy will chronic illnesses just sit there unattended like that. It's a disgrace is what it is. I know she'll be feeling herself very soon with your loving care, but yes, a new vet is definitely in order. Please send Molly my love.


Mr. Pip said...

Oh Molly - I am sending you lots of love across the miles! How outrageous that you were treated like this! Get some rest and we will talk to you in the morning.

Love, Pip