Sunday, 6 June 2010

Serene Sunday

Good  Evening everyone I do hope you have had a great weekend. Mine has been quiet as Mom is recovering from having her jollop on Friday so she has been in bed a lot but I have been happy spending lots of time just Dad and me.

My Cushing’s started acting up this morning but Mom and Dad were on the ball and have taken all the right steps to knock it on it’s head quickly and I am still very perky. Mom & Dad have both been telling me what a little stinker I am but I can’t help having windy pops  blushing-1  and they are only whiffy because I am not well, its20not20fair I never complain when they make smells I am far too polite to that.

Dad has been sneaking about with his picture box again hmmm a cunning plan is forming in my mind now……….. revenge for sneaky picture taking maybe my wind could have it’s usefulness  laughing-dog .

We had a mahoosive storm last night and even though Mom is feeling awful she got up and sat with me for four hours until all the banging & crashing stopped, she said the lightning was pawesome but seeing as I can’t see it I can’t comment.

I have a special new blog buddy in Mr Pip he is also a Yorkie and he is the same age as me ( nudge nudge wink wink ) and Mom says he is very handsome. He also came from a rescue and he has health problems too but he is doing a sponsored walk soon so I sponsored him as I think he is brave doing such a big walk. Please pop to his blog and have a look I have added a linky thingy to it.

I am thinking of running a competition just for fun with maybe a virtual award as a prize. I am thinking a caption competition could be fun what do you all think ?

Night Night All

Snuggles and Licks



Lola said...

Oh, I hope everyone at your house is on the mend and all better very soon.

Pawsonally, I'm terrible at captions, but I do enjoy reading the ones that others come up with.

wags, Lola

Mr. Pip said...

Oh gosh, you are the sweetest! Thanks for being so nice to me - I'm blushing!! I will be walking (riding) for both of us on Sunday!

I am sorry the storm was scary. I am a little hard of hearing so sometimes I don't even notice storms!

Your special pal, Pip