Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Big Adventure

I have had a magnificent adventure today, after a slow start to my day ( apart from putting my caption competition up ) Mom got me dressed and put my harness, collar and lead on and Dad scooped me up in his safe arms and we left home. I did my usual lets have a good old snuffle of the air and heard Dad say ‘oh bum there’s our bus’ so we all had to move rather sharpish. Not sure what a bus is except it was very noisy, very bouncy and lots of odd smelling peep’s kept getting on and off whenever it stopped but it was interesting trying to figure out what all the peeps had been doing by sniffing them as they went past. I sat on Mom’s lap, half in her hooj handbag. We were on it for quite a while but eventually we got off and I had  little walk before we went into a shop. Mom & Dad’s friend owns the shop and it was not a busy one so it was safe enough for me to be allowed to wander around exploring. This was great fun as they were lots of lovely smells and odd little corners to be sniffed out. Mom’s friend was named Sue and she was lovely and I got to spend some time on my own with her when Mom and Dad went to the grocery store. I got lots of cuddles and fusses and we all know how much I like all of that. She thought I was bee-yoo-ti-ful just like Mom and dad do. When Mom and Dad got back we all had some more chat and some ice cream ( very Nummy stuff ) I only got a small amount though as it is not very good for me so they said . Mom then scooped me up and we went to get our bus home, it was another bumpy ride and Mom was really shattered by then and I was a bit tired too so I was not too much of a fidget britches. When we finally reached home I went out for a mahoosive widdle, the bumpy bus ride had left me busting for my grass………bol. When Mom had a cup of coffee in front of her she pulled out a toy and gave it to Dad to do. He winds it up and it clicks as he does that and when he lets it go it spins, makes weird noises and has flashing lights ( Mom told me that ) and I LOVE IT ! I chase all over the room and catch it and Mom had said she will now buy me a giggle ball ( ???? ) seeing as I love playing with my twisty twirly noisy thing-a-ma-jig.

Mom videoed me playing with it as she went all proud Mama on me and wants everyone to see how well I play with it. She said this makes the saying  ‘ You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ a load of guff…….bol. I have to admit I didn’t do bad for a dog that can’t see.


I hope you enjoyed the videos.

Snuggle and Licks



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Mr. Pip said...

What a day you have had! The bus is always a strange experience. Where I live, dogs and cats have to be in carriers on the bus. I think I wouldn't mind it so much if I could sit on my mom's lap.

The new toy looks fun! You move much more quickly than I do! I don't think I would be able to catch it.

Your pal, Pip