Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Twiddley Tuesday.

My mom went out today and she left the lounge door open when she went. Very lax of her I must say, when she arrived home with Aunty Wilma I was laying at the top of the stairs waiting to surprise her. Shocked her was more like it she dropped her bag and the thingy with wheels and came right up for me and told me how clever I was. Didn’t understand why though she knows I can climb the stairs ‘cos’ I often go up looking for her when she uses the whooshing seat. She was very proud of me though for staying put and waiting for her to come and bring me down.

She says the wheely thing is for me so I can out more which will be nice as I do like sniffing all the weird and wonderful smells in the air. Mom and Aunty Wilma went out again later but that was ok I was pretty tired out today they were not out long. Mom bought me a new dress today which is very pretty according to Aunty Wilma, Mom and Dad what do you think ?



Do you think Doogie will like it when he comes home from his vacation ? I hope so, I do miss him but it is very much quieter here without him and I do miss his help in the garden although Mom says I am doing fine. I even attempted the steps down from the path today, Mom says I am a big brave girl.

Well that is all for now as I am off to bed now and so is Mom as she is feeling really pants tonight whatever that means.

Snuggles and Licks


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