Saturday, 29 May 2010

Tigger, Wobbly’s, Yoda Ears & Grumpy Doglets

I am still a grump today perhaps I am getting summer grass sniffles or something but I am not myself. It could be something to do with Harry the Tigger impersonator but Aunty Wilma visited tonight and Tigger got ultra bouncy and created a bit of a pest of himself and bounced me far too much. So Mom says he is obviously part wobbly and she wondered where his pouch is. I did try and sniff it out but I couldn’t find any trace of one so I think Mom is wrong about that. He is leaving tomorrow and although he is a pest to me I will kinda miss him if only because he kept trying to snaffle my piggy Yoda ears not that he managed to keep hold of them for long as I pinched them back and moaned at him if he came to get them back. Well being my age does have it’s plus sides no one moans at me for being a grumpy old doglet. I will say I am looking forward to be able to snuggle peacefully with Mom and Dad tomorrow evening.

Anyway that’s all from me I am off to snooze now.

Night Night



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