Saturday, 22 May 2010

On the mend-Saturday Blog Hop

I am sure my little/big brother has let my friends know that I have been unwell the last few days, thankfully I am on the mend again. I have Cushing's disease which means I will get bouts of illness which will become more frequent as my condition worsens but don’t tell Doog’s that please I don’t want to upset the wee lad even if he is annoying and always shoving his nose up my butt. Doogs went to stay with his Nanny as he doesn’t like seeing me poorly he is quite a sensitive wee chap even if he does not look it and he can be annoying, irritating, cheeky, no respecter of age and a downright pest. Having said that I do rather love the boy but again don’t tell him I would not want him to get big headed at all. Mom has been looking after me but she is not to fab herself today but as she say us baldy babes have to stick together………….. bol.

I am going to make more of an effort not to take the wee out of my little brother as he is really trying hard with me and he does look after me when we are in the garden. He lets me know when I get near the steps so I don’t bump my nose on the wall and he will give me a nudge up the them as well if I am having trouble so he is not bad as little brothers go.

Mom spoke to Aunty Canary about my Cushing’s and she advised my Mom to give my some really nasty stuff everyday as it will help my tummy, well it may well help but it tastes YUCKY ! So not to impressed with having that everyday along with everything else. Dad gives me that as Mom just can’t bring herself to squirt it into my mouth when I so obviously dislike it, she can stick me a sharp sticky thing to give me my in-soo-lin but she can’t squirt ……. That’s just weird but then I guess Mom is a bit weird herself from what I have heard about her ( not that I am telling what I have heard ).

Doogie told me I must do something called blog hop ? Now I have no idea what it is exactly but I have never been one for not doing as I am told so I will add the gizmo at the end of this post.

Right I am off back to snuggle down with Mom as we both need a snooze. Have a super weekend and see you all soon.

Licks & Snuggles



Nico and The Bandit said...

Cheers from the blog hop, it's nice to meet you!

Muchadoaboutnothing said...

Saw you on the Blog Hop list and thought I'd stop by for a visit. Gonna follow you too.