Wednesday 8 September 2010


I would to say a big huge thank you to all of you wonderful people out there in doggy bloggydom. Not just for all your wonderful donations to The Little Dog Rescue in my my darling girls memory but for all your comforting words and posts and thoughts. There is a special thank you just for Frankie for his awesome idea of paying to name Shelby’s pups and for paying for one sweet little girl to be named after my angel. I cannot find the words to tell you what that meant to me

Thanks to all of you Molly has left a legacy in her memorial fund, her namesake and all the wonderful memories her Pop and I have and the memories we share with all of you.

As you know Molly had chosen her new brother and he came to live with us yesterday and I have to say she chose well , he was going to be renamed as Captain Jack but as he he had been named by the pound that took him in TLDR would prefer him to stick with that name as they do use the forever fosters pictures and stories for fundraising flyers and such  and it would get awfully confusing so Captain Jack is his alter ego and he will sign off on his posts & comments as Rich from now on. Sorry for any confusion caused. Having said that he does not answer to either names Go Figure……….lol.

Lola do please still send the leash as I am sure there will be another little girl in our lives before too long .

Molly may have left a huge hole in our lives and our hearts but I know she is safe and happy where she is now and thinking of her although still very painful does make me smile.

On that note please do drop in and say hi to Rich on his blog and don’t forget where I blog and that Mollys Pop blogs too so drop bye and say hello from time to time. I will still post on this blog from time to time tho.

Again a HUGE, HUGE

        Thank You

once again for everything, you are a really wonderful community to be part of .

With lots of Love

    Mollys Momma Tea

          x x x x x x x x x x x

Friday 3 September 2010

Mollys Momma Again

It is with a breaking heart that I must tell you my sweet, beautiful, brave and wonderful girl crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning at 11 minutes past 11, I believe she willed herself to get better enough to spend one last night with her Poppa and I and to let us know that she loved us as much as we love her.

She was the bravest soul I have met and she taught me what courage is.

This morning she was very sick again bringing up all her dinner from last night and she had difficulty standing again. She let me know she was tired and I spoke to our lovely vet Anthony who agreed that if she could not keep her food down without being on a drip that the time had come to let her move on to the next stage in her existence.

Thank you all so very much for loving my girl I know she held you all so dear as do her Poppa and I.

I  consider myself blessed for having had her in my life and for bring me such joy and luvs.

So look up tonight and find the brightest, shiniest most twinkly star you can find and that will be my Angel Princess shining down on us.

Mollys Momma Tea